YouTube is a very powerful way to get your message across. Video is more powerful than all forms of social media combined. YouTube has the advantage of being owned by Google, and videos posted there directly affect your Google “rating” and visibility in the search engine.

YouTube videos run the spectrum from talking to a cell phone or tablet (much like the format called Periscope), to having a large and expensive video studio to record and edit professional videos. The end result is very effective because it can be linked to all other social media. Regular broadcasts are always the best way to increase your exposure, and your past videos are always in place to get people excited about your next broadcast.

However it is entirely up to you to create entertaining content, and do it on a regular basis. Since the Mark Robbins Network has many years experience in video and audio, we can provide a great deal of expertise and ideas for the technical aspect, and the way your content is presented. And of course we have a full menu of options to advertise your videos on all social media. For more info and pricing on our services, email