lightning[mp3-jplayer tracks=”FEED:/UTMB” shuffle=”y” dload=”n” captions=”” mods=”y” vol=”90″ pos=”right” list=”n”]The University of Texas Medical Branch’s “Medical Discovery News” podcasts – a free weekly series of episodes (2 minutes in length) providing insights into a broad range of biomedical science, research and breakthroughs. The hosts, Dr. David Niesel and Dr. Norbert Herzog are PhD’s, scientists, researchers world known and some pretty funny guys.

Boring? Not one bit! The show’s conversations have unraveled breaking scientific news, such as whether airport full-body scanners pose radiation risks, as well as ancient history, such as King Tut’s paternity! Discover answers to puzzling biomedical questions such as, why people yawn and the health benefits of beer. (These will also open up new humor and discussions!) Another episode on the link between too little sleep and early death really woke up their listeners! In layman’s terms these episodes are done in an entertaining and informative way with valuable and intriguing biomedical information and answers.