A very good way to get your message across in your own way, is to write, host, and record a regular podcast. Since AM/FM radio deteriorated commercially, people began to broadcast their own shows. Now there are music shows, comedy shows, interview shows, and shows that market products and services. These podcasts are now more numerous than billboards on a freeway! If you can record something that is both entertaining and provocative, people will want to hear more. Some people do live Podcasts, which require large investments in equipment, and other people pre-record Podcasts. These podcasts can be played from your own website, as well as other websites. They can be used on your YouTube channel. They are great to advertise as links on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

A great example of PodCasts are linked to this website. Check out the UTMB Medical Discovery News and the Ashley Berges Network! While there is increased competition every day as more people put out a Podcast, if you can be entertaining and interview people, this will boost your exposure and business! For more information, email me at Curator@AllTexasWeb.com