Facebook continues to change constantly. It started out a text medium with meaningful exchanges. It evolved into the showing of photos and posters. It often denigrates into expressions of attacking viewpoints (politics, religion, etc). There are personal accounts, “pages” for entertainers and businesses. Most recently, Facebook “Groups” have become more popular than anything because they invite interaction between an entity and the public.

It is often more successful to have a twofold strategy: have your own accounts (Page and Group) but to also get your message out across other existing Groups. Pages are for advertising, and you would supply photos, or a message in a graphic poster format. We can create graphic messages per your request. Ultimately, it takes a massive, ongoing effort to attract the public to your Page or Group. This involves keeping them engaged. You can also connect your YouTube videos and content from your Twitter and Pinterest. The cost of having this done varies on your needs. Email me to discuss your needs and associated cost at Curator@AllTexasWeb.com